Integrated Circuit IP Public Service Platform (, which is operated by Etownip (Beijing) Microelectronics Co., Ltd., provides one-step IP  services for  local fabless companies by providing IP, chip implementation, IC manufacturing, IC packaging, testing and failure analysis service.

IP public service platform promotes  IP core products from domestic and oversea IP providers. Through the online search function of the  platform website,  users can search for IP products of their own interest according to the search options of "Category of Application", "Providers", "Technology Nodes", "Foundry", "Silicon Proven" . After registration, the users can leave message to request for further technical support messages at the platform. More in-depth technical assessment and follow-up business consultation will be provided by the IP partners upon signing of the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

In addition to promotion of IP products, EtownIP also provides IP customization, design services, MPW (Multiple project wafer) service, NTO (new tape out), backend packaging & testing outsource, and failure analysis.